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When you first meet someone new you probably try to make the best impression and a memorable one at that. Your face is the first thing they will see therefore your face will be more memorable than anything else. Do you want them remembering your crows’ feet or lines and wrinkles around your eyes?

You know when you have an eye cream that works because your entire facial appearance will look better including the area around your eyes. Some creams may even help you look up to ten years younger if not more, depending on how many wrinkles they reduce. That would make a really great impression but first you need to know just what you are looking for in an eye cream.

Here are five things you need to consider when searching for the best eye cream.

1. An eye cream that works immediately.

You want to see results after the first application. If you use an eye cream that works, you will see just that, results almost automatically. Some creams make you wait at least a month before showing, if any, results. When you use a cream, you should watch to see if the bags under your eyes, crows’ feet or fine wrinkle lines disappear around the eyes or at least reduce.

The only way to know if your eye cream is working is if you see any results. After all, isn’t this why you are using the cream for to begin with? The results?

2. Before and after pictures from current users.

You have probably heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and it has never rang truer. When you look at a before photo of someone using a wrinkle cream, then look at the after photo you can see the results of the cream they used. Be sure to compare any wrinkles, lines or crows’ feet in the before picture then study the same areas in the after picture to see if they reduced or completely went away.

3. Third party independent clinical studies.

This is one of the quickest ways to learn the real details on the eye cream you are considering trying out. These third party companies usually post their results online so you should check it out and see just how much the eye cream will actually improve your skin if any.

4. Are there anti-aging ingredients used in the eye cream?

Antioxidants are a major part of reducing and eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles so you want an eye cream that is full of them. You might ask why and the answer is simple. The antioxidants can help slow down your skin’s aging.

External sources can cause damage to the skin and even around the eyes. Antioxidants help neutralize this damage and protect your skin. Did you know the area around your eyes is the area that will age first on the face? Try to find an eye cream that will give you long lasting results and not just a short fix.

5. Opt for minimal side effects.

You want to find a product that works great but has few side effects. Try to avoid products that can result in rashes, burns on your skin and red blotches. You want to go for immediate results rather than harsh side effects.

Most eye creams do not have many side effects if any so you should be able to easily find an eye cream that will give you the benefits and not the side effects.

6. Pay attention to the price.

You will find a wide variety of price ranges when you look at different eye creams. Some people might say the most expensive ones work the best but this is not necessarily true. Many of the best eye creams will be reasonably priced, basically right between the high and low prices. You can even find many that offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. This is beneficial to many consumers because you don’t have to worry about losing out on any money. If the product doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund without a hassle.

Try to look for this guarantee when you start searching the different eye creams and make sure they’re reasonably priced as well.

So there you go. You can find the best eye cream by seeing how quick the results show around your eyes. All you have to do when shopping for a cream is look for one with few side effects if any, has antioxidants to help protect your skin, comes with other consumers and users reviews and has a great price. That is when you will find the best eye cream.

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